Running Gear

There was no question that I was going to use a Gen 3 Hemi in this project.
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So while I was waiting, I cleaned up the dirt, pulled some more bits off and scoured the internet for the donor car. I was looking for a Chrysler 300c for under…
Hemi and NAG1
An overnight run to Werribee, Vic, returning with the engine, trans, wiring, PCM and shifter.
Hemi Trial Fit
The trial fit of the engine and box shows me that this is going to fit easily. The sump clears the jag front x-member and steering, the trans pan sits on the…
NAG1 Transmission Mount
NAG1 Trans was dropped into place and a removable cross member was fabricated from the original Hudson trans cross member. The trans mount x-member was also…
NAG1 Trans Tone Ring
Engine Mounts
Trim engine mounts. These are universal Hot Rod engine mounts from
Engine Mounts
Tack into place. Note the notched front X-Member. The engine had to be moved back a little to ensure plenty of clearance for the radiator and fans.
Hemi Installed
Rocker covers are from Indy Heads, as is the coil relocation plate. A bit of Motorkote in Hemi orange, a new throttle body, and the engine is ready.