36 Plymouth Coupe

I bought this abandoned project in 1999. I turfed the 302W and installed a potent 360 Mopar and 727 T/F.
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Floor and Tunnel
A new floor and tailshaft tunnel welded and hammered in.
Bear Claw latches installed.
The reinforcing plates were welded in, and the latches bolt straight in.
The brake system (master vac) is all under the dash.
Tunnel Ram Mods
This tunnel ram was modified for EFI. Two 900cfm throttle bodies went on top.
The engine was trial fitted to make sure everything cleared. The holley base plates were changed to throttle bodies from EFI Hardware.
Firewall Finished
Firewall finished off and painted so that the engine and trans could go in for the last time.
Final Fit
The firewall was painted first, then the engine and transmission fitted for the last time. The new throttle bodies were added and the rocker covers were changed…
Shopping Trolley Grille.
The "shopping trolley" grille was trial fitted as the rest of the front sheet metal was installed.