Body Modifications

Once the chassis were swapped, it was clear that a lot of work was needed in the rear section, which had been butchered to make way for the big wheel tubs. Our mate Danny Fort from Resort Trailers offered to build the rear floor section and mini-tubs for us, an offer that we just couldn't refuse!
The rest of the body work had to wait until the Plymouth was on the road, but some work continued when time permitted, such as removing panels, cleaning up and sandblasting. When work commenced in earnest around 2007, a donor car (94 Fairlane) came along which was the impetus for using a later model 5L EFI V8, BTR 4 speed trans and disc brake rear instead of the 302, C4 and 8" rear.
An EL Station Wagon supplied the floor, with its seats, handbrake, shifter, console, etc.

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