Chassis Re-assembly

Once all the drive train, accessories, transmission lines and plumbing were all run, the chassis was stripped again and sent off to be powder coated. All other suspension bits were powder coated too. An exhaust system was installed and the rear coil-over shocks bolted in place after the mounts were welded to the diff after shortening. This proved to be a major mistake! A year or so later, when the car was almost complete, it was noticed that the rear suspension brackets were directly under the chassis. This was because I set it up BEFORE the diff was narrowed! A big delay and cost to pull the diff out, blow off the brackets and move them outboard about an inch. It was also noted that the steering was not working as it should, so the original idea for a XF power steering setup was changed to a full on RRS rack and pinion conversion, which I should have done in the beginning!

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