36 Chev Sedan

Back in the middle of 2014, this car came to my attention. It is an ex-Canberra car, originally built with blown LPG small block chev by Jorma Aunella. It changed hands several times, and was recently rebuilt in Queensland. Then it appeared at a rod run nearby with a For Sale sign on it and so we bought it. This and my old T Bucket are the only rods I owned that I didn't build myself. It's a real nice car, blown 350 on LPG, rack and pinion steering on HR front, 9" rear on leaf springs, turbo 350, all leather interior, fold away rear seat. All I did was put in a decent ignition system, a MSD 6AL, MSD Billet Dissy and Blaster coil. I owned it for about 18 months, then sold it to finance the Vicki.

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