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The following Hot Rod Handbooks are published by Graffiti Publications. They are available for purchase directly from the Graffiti Web Store.

SBCTPI This book was a project by CHOCO MUNDAY to collect technical information from various sources such as GM Service Manuals, performance car magazines, trade publications, input from mechanics, auto electricains and subject matter experts as well as anecdotal conversion and installation experiences passed on to Hot Rod Handbooks. This book is written for auto enthusiasts who want a quick and easy way to retro fit a 1986 - 1989 Chevrolet TPI System into a Hot Rod or some other non-factory project. It describes the Chev TPI System and its associated electronics and wiring.
EEM This book contains information and guidance on modern, efficient, auto electronic and electrical systems that will NOT scare the average auto enthusiast. It DOES NOT cover old tech like generators and points except to show how they can be replaced with the following systems:
   Electronic Fuel Injection Systems
   Electronic Ignition Systems
   Engine Management Systems
   New, compact, high output alternators
   Modern wiring systems and kits
Electrickery If you are an auto enthusiast or a Do-It-Yourself mechanic, and you want to take advantage of modern automotive electronic technology to transplant it into your early car, this book is for you.
In addition to Electronic Ignition Systems, this book also covers:
   Electronic Fuel Injection systems
   Engine Management Systems
   Wiring and Electrical Components
   Modern starting and charging systems
   Car Audio Systems
   Test equipment