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Hot Rod Handbooks

Hot Rod Handbooks titles are available directly from the publisher. You can also buy them from Amazon.


If you use these eBooks, you can support the author (Choco Munday) by donating an amount that you consider appropriate. More titles are being developed right now, so check back soon.

Title Description
Gen 3 Hemi Wiring Gen 3 HEMI 6.1 Into 49 Hudson Wiring and Electronics
Kalmaker User Guide For users of Kalmaker Street Pro 3
BTR Install and Wiring How to wire up a BTR Ford transmission and TCM
EFI Part 1 An introduction to EFI for Hot Rods
EFI Part 2 Controlling Fuel and Ignition
EFI Part 3 The ECU
EFI Part 4 Converting to EFI
LED Lights Using LED Lights in Hot Rods
Install Painless Wiring Installing a trunk mounted Painless Wiring kit
Effective Writing Writing in the workplace