Hot Rod Handbooks

Electronics for Hot Rods


"I like the concept of driving my Hot Rod to the drags, uncorking the headers, running hard all day and then corking the pipes back up to drive home. I'd like to continue to do this using engines that don't pollute like the older style carb/points engines do, but still make gobs of power. Computer controlled engines are the only way to do this, and they have the extra advantage of reliability. I wrote the Small Block Chev TPI book when I noticed several discrepancies between some wiring instructions I was photocopying, the factory Corvette manual and the actual car. I decided to document the wiring conversion starting from scratch. Before long, I had a fairly extensive document, which I showed to Larry O'Toole of Graffiti Publications (actually, a mutual friend showed him and Larry tracked me down). With Graffiti's assistance, my first book was soon on the shelves, and I followed it up later with the Auto Electronics Reference Manual, which has now been replaced with Electrickery. By far the most challenging book I have written was the Electronic Engine Management book.