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This is the story of Kristina Volarevich, the Romanian farmer's daughter who, along with her big sister, is abducted, drugged and enslaved before joining the never-ending stream of young girls sold to rich customers. Kristina escapes, and her Romani heritage endears her to Begonya, a patron of Romani youth. Kristina recovers but is consumed with revenge. Fearless and motivated, she learns the arts of lethal violence from the Romani champions who befriend her. Setting a brutal daily training regime, she rapidly hones her skills, fed by the rage that burns within her. Kristina sets out on her eighteenth birthday to find her sister and kill the members of the gang that ruined her life. In Chief Police Agent Sasho Dvorksy’s own words, Kristina is ‘beautiful, but dangerous.’

The basics required to write documents in the workplace that everyone will read and understand.

Writing is a skill that needs to be developed by anyone who produces documents for work. Whether it’s a memo, email, instruction sheet, specification, or Technical Manual, an author of a document needs to communicate information to a diverse audience in a format that can be easily understood and free from ambiguity. Poorly written documents mean that your audience, whoever they may be, will not get the message clearly.

This book is a ready reference and a basis from which you can develop the ability to develop and recognise good writing practices. Embracing these simple methods will improve the part of your skill set that requires you to write effectively in the workplace.

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